Spectre Editor – Minor GUI Updates

This week, I worked on fixing up the GUI experience. Now, the World Nodes and linked with the visual nodes in both directions.  So you can select an object and it will highlight the node, and or you can select a node and it will highlight in the world.

Also I took the time to re-thread the code so that the Inspectre’s graphics run on their own thread, and the WPF gui runs on the main GUI thread.  This actually increases the performance of the editor by quite a bit.  However, now that its multi-threaded, I’ve already had multiple crashes and side effects that I had to fix.  WPF doesn’t like things messing with its values from other threads, and DirectX doesn’t like having its context destroyed and reset by the WPF thread =)  Go figure.  But all is good now, its running well, its running fast, and progress continues! Hopefully I can show some new art next time, as we get closer to being able to actually use the editor for game content!



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