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Seeds as currency, Lots of forest areas. Coin won’t get you far with nomads.


Contour ToDo:

  • Particle Rewrite
  • Fox Loading
  • Level Instances


Contour Ideas:

Transport passengers: Choose to take them to slave colony

Comic environments:

  • space stations
  • worm holes
  • edities
  • solar wind
  • ion storms
  • nebulas
  • ancient wrecked ships
  • star gates

Gameplay Mechanics:


Generated worlds, minerals all around, enemies, space stations etc.  Find loot, find weapons, find crew, find missions.


Building star ports -> Solar panels,  Space Stations, Defenses, Cargo trailers (u haul), Resources from Mining operations, hnagers, shuttle bays, haul materials.  Runs on the Game Tick concept.


Buy crew if needed for mineral penalty (Rent a Crew) from space things ( asteroids ), Contibute your own crew to mine into a Supply Depot.

RPG: Loot, items equipment, crew, upgrades, ship replacements, additional ships.

Crafting items weapons, etc, ( simple crafting using resources)  Or buying them as was discussed priorly.

Combat: Main game play, this is what the other systems booast.  Better ships, better gear to kill more people.

  • Giant space stations with bosses
  • Robot AI – Trying to become human vs Buddy cop.
  • Rewards for finishing quest lines
  • Capture vs destory ships, allies provide cargo space.
  • Ally ships that assist, as special powers.
  • Fleet vs fleet.
  • Ability blow up planets
  • Re-ignite stars.

Directional Ideas:

  • firefly style

Rejected Ideas :

  • Contour should look like kerrigan.    We do not want any similarities just because someone likes a previous game. Comparions and cheap ripoffs will be voiced by people.
  • Commander of a ship, from a war that just ended.   Way too generic
  • do you go to meet up with the resistance.
    do you go to make work with the alliance.
    do you work for both sides.
    do you try to organize a spy or trade network.  Good general ideas for quest lines
  • Integrate worlds from kismet into possible planet locations to fly through.
  • Put the game in the user perspective.  Lots of scope here.  Can be done through quest lines.


Other Game Ideas

NBA Jam like game – Cartoony characters

Fusion Frenzy like game – Minigames, multiple players co-opping