It’s been centuries since humans first terraformed Mars, and their reach has extended to countless galaxies and solar systems. However, expansion of the human race throughout the frontier has come with a price. The Milky Way Galaxy is getting smaller from over population and lack of resources. Tensions between the human race and various aliens are on the rise, increasing the possibility of impending war. Not only do humans need to worry about aliens, but many colonies of humans are having armed conflicts over control of solar systems.

Contour is a human female who was dedicated to her position in BURROS. That was until she was unceremoniously removed from her post. Now she has to make a decision. She has no family, at least none that she cares to admit, and all her friends are spread across the galaxy as members of BURROS. Her skills are as a pilot and commander. She is not about to take a desk job! With no real place to go she decides to use her skills for the better good of the human race. She will do what she feels BURROS should have been doing since the beginning. She will defend the colonies she had taken an oath to protect. She is going to join the Mercs!

Oh, and make lots of money while doing it.


  • Action Adventure
    Control your ship in real time
  • Roleplaying
    Earn experience points and level up
  • Tower Defense
    Build automated defenses to help defend assets
  • Engrossing Story
    Fully developed storyline
  • Loot Collection
    Pick up items dropped from enemies
  • Shops
    Spend your hard earned cash to buy bigger and better equipment for your ship
  • Over a dozen skills
    Including weapon and automated defense skills
  • Unique crew members to pick for your ship
    Change you crew members as you need from mission to mission
  • Eight unique weapons
    Cannons, artillery, close combat and many more
  • Ten types of ammunition
    Force beams, photons, dooms day payloads and more
  • Three unique enemies with number types of ships
  • Much more!

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