Solar Strike:


  • take planets out of skybox, and put on cards
  • Story:
    • yea so maybe first mission will be “you’ve landed” connect these pipes to the ship to start powering up the facility from your own ship
      facility starts coming to life
      explore facility find power generator or something
      enemy ship comes in
      blows up source ship
      *we’ll use spaceport for now


  • computer ambients ..like beeps, Not too high pitched, Mellow.
  • vent
  • music
  • button beeps
  • breathing
  • pain
  • shields recharging
  • explosion
  • teleporter sound
  • place block sound
  • Game Start: Calm peaceful music
  • Danger Music faster paced
  • Victory Music


  • Advanced:
    • Weapon system – Watch for teleporting – use enemy ship.
    • Optimizations of draw calls. – Done
    • New AI code implementation
      • Learning AI – Commander, search for openings, report back, Star points for commanders with XP
      • Once located, the enemy should swoop in fast and have a bit of a spring motion to do its targeting. It should move fast, and slow down quickly.
  • Gameplay
    • Select Ultimate Weapon – Contour, Taizon, or Mech.
    • Requires  PowerCells / Blocks to use. (Energy is currency)
    • Mech requires a connected bridge. – Or Jetpack.
    • Start with a skeleton base.
    • Phases:  Build, Defend + Attack, Repair.  (Like Rampart)
  • – Intermediate
    • Add goal indicators using green selection bracket around goal/objective items complete with text
    • Custom Inventory ( as well as saving/loading ) for objects ( Chests )
    • Transparent Block Placement Indicator.
    • Add solar flare template
    • Improve Radar – Done
    • Level editing scene – Done
    • Achievements – Done
    • Moveable / Savable UI elements.
  • – Basic
    • Add gun bobbing when running and idling

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