Spectre Editor – Manipulators – Transitions – Multi-Scene Support

This week, I worked hard on fixing our multi-scene support.  At first, I had planned to have a separate window for every scene, its own tab, and with its own instance of Mono Game running. But it turns out MonoGame is not anywhere near ready for such a feat, so instead, I took advantage of our Screen/State system.  Basically every level has its own Editor Screen.  When you switch levels, we load up a new editor, unless we already have one for it, in which case, we just restore it back to the main screen.

As you can see in the video, the process of changing screens was always been implemented with a nice cross fade, though we had previously disabled it when we ported to MonoGame.  So I spent a little time fixing the cross fade and you can see it gives a really professional feel to the scene switching experience.

Lastly, you can see that our Manipulators are finally working! Complete with Snap to grid… Well.. they aren’t the right visuals, the rotation manipulator is supposed to use round rings, but our triangle collision detection system hasn’t been ported over yet, so I had to use a bounding box selection friendly model for all three, so it definitely gets confusing.  This will be addressed soon though!

Of course with each update I only talk about the really noticeable changes, there are always lots of little changes that I do behind the scenes, and just write it off as magic =)

Till next time!

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