Compactor – Ludum Dare #32

The results are finally in!  Compactor did pretty well overall!  The theme this year was “An Unconventional Weapon” and so we decided to go with the Compactor idea.  We re-did the art and re-wrote the code from scratch.  One of the most interesting pieces I worked on here was the One way pass through Ramp.  I think it works pretty well most of the time though it could definitely use some tweaking.  The game was finished in about 48 hours worth of work.  Dan was unable to participate this time around, so I ended up having to do a lot more of the art than I’m used to!  Spent most of my time in Illustrator and I think it came out pretty well. The ranking is shown below.  The number is out of 5 possible stars.

Coolness 57%
#279 Overall(Jam)  3.50
#298 Fun(Jam)  3.34
#307 Humor(Jam)  3.29
#313 Theme(Jam)  3.66
#322 Innovation(Jam)  3.38
#358 Mood(Jam)  3.29
#645 Graphics(Jam)  3.03

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