Solar Strike – August Progress

So after a nice summer vacation, we’re getting back to work on all of the games!  Yes, lack of focus can be a problem, but it’s all in good fun right?  This week I’ve upgraded to the latest Unity3D and started cleaning up Solar Strike’s codebase.  I’ve been fixing some of the really annoying bugs that were scattered all around.  Namely the weapons just felt too slow.  So I’ve sped them up, but that in turn ended up causing them to pass through objects!  Which of course is no good, so I added ray casting to account for that.

I also refactored the level loading system so that I plays nicely with levels that are imported directly from 3dsMax, and plays nicely with objects added in the Unity Editor directly.  Overall, I removed about half the code that was there.

I also revamped the physical appearance of the explosion weapon, it’s now an Implosion, and has a radius bubble to show you what its affecting.  It also moves faster, and seems more realistic.



Gameplay is broken, but you can try it out at:

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