Strikers Progress Report

So some time has past since updates!  Things got really busy.  I spent some time teaching a Video game design course @ university, so that slowed things down a bit.  But now that’s all taken care of, I can get back to progress as well as status updates.

Administratively, we now have an actual Wiki for the developers instead of just a fake WordPress -like Wiki, so that makes things a lot easier to keep track of.  We also have moved our servers over to Git instead of Perforce.  Unity really doesn’t play nice with Perforce, so this greatly improves the dev process.

Dan and I have come up with a new idea for solar strike, which we plan to implement in the short term after we finish up Strikers.  Strikers is a really small game, limited scope.  Capture the flag style game play with interchangeable mechs, weapons and power-ups. Its designed to be multi-player, but Dan wants to try his hand at writing some AI.  I swear I’m going to force him to post to the blog about it.  Even if no one reads it! Its good practice.

As for game status.  We’ve started work on a server for Strikers.  It’s coming along slowly, and intermixed with other status improvements.  Basically most of the work lately has been trying desperately to make Unity 2D physics play nice with the game.  It’s really not an ideal situation they have going at the moment, I’m sure it will get better over time.  Also, the built in unity Networking has a lot to be desired, so for now I’m bypassing it and writing my own.

I’ve also improved the HP bars, as well as the unit ( mech ) transfer system.  There is a brand new Modifier / Buff / Debuff system in place as well.  One of the Mods is a Hoverpack, which every mech has built in.  This lets me control the types of features each mech will have.  I’ve also been slowly replacing the mechanim animations with my own Blender animations.  The movement is finally starting to flow better.  Less jerky, less getting stuck in between blocks..

I also went ahead and added some custom foley’d sounds just so the game isn’t so quiet.

Anyway, if you want to try it you can click over on:



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