For the past two weeks I’ve been working on getting skybox support working.  This has required quite a bit of work, but its finally starting to work.  I had to create a Textured Cube, and write a CubeMapped shader.  Details of how this concept works can be found over at:  I found some awesome sky box textures and tweaked them out so they work correctly in engine.

Now that its working I’ve been trying to create a texture picker so that we can change which textures are applied to objects.  That has been one of the trickier parts as textures can be 2d, 3d, cubic, and sequenced.  That part is still in progress, I hope to have it done soon.  After that I’ll add a script that enables me to link the skybox object to the camera so that it always follows the player.  Also I think i’ll take this time to add support for layers and locking via layer, because once you have a skybox you won’t want it constantly being selected when you click off into space. (You want it to deselect everything else).

Once that’s all finished, I’ll probably be re-visiting the UI system, triggers, and then finally starting work on the actual game!  First up will likely be a procedural level generator to create the galaxy / universe.  Which will be populated with sub levels that are designed directly.



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