Blaster – Pathing, Ai, and Art


This week, I added a new path building system where middle click will extend the path following ramps and edges up to five blocks away. This makes for really quick path creation which felt really cumbersome before. The AI has been mildly improved, now following way points more accurately and trying to be creepy as they hunt you and then stare you down. Weapons explode on contact when the cross hair is red, and bounce around when it is blue or gray. Aiming at an enemy gives you a red crosshair, as does aiming at far away blocks. Weapons now fizzle out after 7 seconds rather than exploding unless triggered with a right click.

Dan added a bunch of new textures and block types.  The main ones shown in the demo are the Cylinder, the light, glass, and stairs.  The skybox has been vastly improved and now is actually a skybox, rather than physical geometry. The gun has also had a bunch of changes with its firing animation.  There are now more particles and the weapon no longer has gravity until it bounces off something.  The cross hair has also been lined up to better match the actual path of the weapon.

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