Blaster – New Items and UI

So for the past few weeks I’ve been working on the inventory system as well as importing all the new objects that Dan has been creating.  While I can’t drag and drop yet, I can at least change the current item by clicking and mouse wheeling the Equip bar.  We also changed the color scheme to be very much more blue.  Every item has a hint of blue somewhere in it.  The visual place holders for Radar and current selected item have been added.  Dan set the blocks to be much more dynamic, while this can cause overlapping blocks, its not that critical at this stage.

Also, after getting some feedback from various sources we’re going to simplify the game play by making it a defense game, rather than an offense game.  The enemies will be interested in obtaining by any means necessary the power crystals that will be placed in the world.  You are tasked with defending these crystals by building a base around them and defending against various waves of enemies.  Kind of like tower defense, but for the time being, much more limited, the focus is on creation.

Here’s a screenshot of the current progress.  Sorry about the mess, haven’t had a chance to clean up the base yet!  Lots of random blocks scattered around.

Oh and the name is changing to Contour: Solar Strike.  Yes.. it’s awesome. I know =)


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