Post Demo Improvements

The demo went well, the game plays well, and looks pretty good, lots of bugs still of course.

So this weekend, we worked on a full inventory system visual redesign.  While the window doesn’t move yet, it is ready to be added, that way you can open inventory and place it where ever you like.


Drag drop was fixed up a bit, it had some crash bugs in it still.  Also, we decided that it was way too hard to see the enemies, so we added a heads up display circle around them, as well as fixed the auto-aiming system. (Forgot to bit shift the layer!  1 << Layer or nothing happens, remember that!)


Lastly we focused on the UI system and replaced the built in Unity buttons with our own sprite sheet based ones as well as put proper limits on the radar, it also got a lot bigger than it was ( as you can see above )

Also, from last week, Dan added a very snazzy reflection shader onto the blocks.  Sooooo shiny. It was too shiny, so I turned down the reflection a little bit as of today, but you can see how it looked on the first day below. :)


Remember all the code so far is open source: (Sorry we’re keeping the art / music CC non-commercial still, fair enough right??)

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