Phalanx Core Editor

So this month, I’ve been working on the Game Editor. ┬áSome major milestones have been hit.


  • Create, Load, Save Projects.
  • Ability to create custom entities and group data in the project.
  • Ability to add Custom Attributes to entities and have them displayed in the editor.
  • Multi-Grid placement system, kind of like blender, but more flexible, in case your game isn’t Z Up.
  • Camera System that allows for arbitrary orbit, WSAD based movement.
  • Multi-Select and move items after placement.
  • Loading Game Specific extension classes through AppDomain manipulation and reflection. (I really didn’t think this would work)
  • BlueFox Engine support, Raw FBX support ( Using Managed Bridge to FBX API), XNB support using ContentPipeline ( Requires XNA Game Studio installed on the machine running the editor)
  • Texture Previews for any Datatype, Color editors, custom Vector editors for Property Grid.
  • Drag and drop support from Explorer to create new entities.
  • Drag and drop support from Library INTO game preview window.
  • Game Preview re-directed to a WinForms Panel.
  • Working Folder based, so that projects work regardless of which computer it runs on. ┬áThis is vital for collaborative projects.

Not working yet:

  • Scripting elements, triggers, audio, UI elements.
  • Project Node Re-ordering
  • Group movement with snap to grid
  • Customizable grid sizes.
  • Movable Placement Planes ( Kind of like blender)
  • Loading and Saving Level Data.
  • Light placement and editing.
  • Animation Support
  • Full scale Terrain Editor for creating levels with multi-texture terrains.
  • Shader Editor and Code Generator from Shader.
  • Sync mode – against a Content Project.

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