Throne of Kismet

Some recent news, we have decided to rename the game a little bit, instead of being Crown of Kismet, it’s now going to be Throne of Kismet (ToK).  We’ve begun work on the underwater portions of the game, and the feel is slowly starting to take form.

Soon, we will start working on weapons, AI, and enemies as well.  As we continue to create the world, it is becoming evident that a level editor is going to be a must.  So work on that will begin shortly as well.

Here is a small screen shot =)

Lets discuss some of the elements we see here.  First there is a Post Effect that adds a blue tint to the borders as well a light bloom effect.  There is an infinite ground plane with a caustic texture that animates above it to give you the feeling of water moving.  There are some new 2.5D art assets.  And of course there is the turtle.  Lastly, there are bubbles that emit randomly from any of the objects in the world.

Some tuning issues:  The bubbles should emit only from objects that are visible right now. The infinite ground plane is currently not infinite!  And the caustic plane should be using UV mapping to move (Texture Matricies), or a custom projected texture shader on top of the infinite plane.  The infinite plane should be using some kind of level data to create a height map, so that we can get some depth to the game.

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