Spectre Editor – Selection Boxes, Wireframes, Draw Order

Besides fixing a bunch of bugs, today I brought back in the Selection Box, Wireframe mode,  and even show draw order when drawing bounding boxes.  The approach I’ve taken toward this engine’s design is still holding up to actual use!  I was very pleased with how easily everything just drops in, just pop in a new director class and update the renderer and everything just works =)  Usually this far into my previous engines I start to feel the need to hack things in to make them work… but not this time, everything is clean and smooth.

Selection Box: ( Doesn’t actually select anything yet! )



Wireframe Mode goes to a nice Green on Black color scheme:


And draw order is useful when you want to draw things that are “see thru”. Getting it to work perfectly is always a challenge, but it seems to just be working this time Smilie: :)

2013-05-29-2-Draw Order


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