Spectre Editor – Level Loading

Today we had a meeting on Google Hangouts to discuss the art and story direction of the game.  We have come away with various tasks and a better idea on where we should go next.  After trying to demo the level editor live I realized that I had broken everything last week!  So today, I spent most of the night putting everything back together, and refactoring the code to be Level Loading friendly.  The levels are now visible in the Project Tree.  Once you open them, a level specific editor will open.  This approach will allow you to view each level in a separate window.  There were countless ways all of this could fail, and it did during my live demo!  The new approach is a little cleaner, but I think I might have to put a little more design work into it to get it really reliable.

I also moved the world tree over and into the level editor view since it seems to make more sense now that each level has its own editor.  I also fixed up various model loading issues.  Including the ability to see a list of all possible models that can be loaded while typing.  I also plan to add a project generator since often times we will be importing entire projects worth of assets and the names of the files could very easily be derived from the contents of the folders.  But since that’s more of a convenience feature it can wait a little bit while I work on making the thing stop crashing all the time!

As always here is a little picture showing the level connections and one of the really bad JMAC mining vessel models I made a few years ago.  Thank god I’m not the main artist on the project.


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