Spectre Editor – Icons and Backgrounds

Today, I worked on some little touches that make the experience more fluid.  First off, while its very subtle, we now have a gradient background in the view, you can see it if you look closely.  Also the tree view now also shows you some non-useful icons. I’m waiting for some icons to come in from the artists.  But if you look more closely, you will also see some useful icons!  The models at this point now locate their textures and show you their texture as their preview icon.  This can be really useful if you have a lot of models or textures and want to be able to identify them easily.

The placement of objects now also automatically detects which grids are visible and reacts accordingly.  This allows you drag and drop all your models with ease and place them pretty much exactly at the location you are aiming for.


Category(s): Games, Spectre Level Editor

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