Spectre Editor – Alpha Video 1

So some of the features I’ve been talking about haven’t been very easy to visualize with just pictures.  So I figured it was time for a little video of it all in action.  Mind you I only have the basics of the editor back in place, but there is a lot going on here.  In the demo, I show a pre-made project with 1 model that has been pre-loaded.  The model is Contour’s Space Ship.  Not to be confused with a “Robotic Mouse” or a “Futuristic Stapler” or a “Zamboni” as some people have asked me…  I then go on to edit the object properties and add a Dynamic Variable for Health.  I also Drag the object into the world, demonstrating the real time drag and drop system.  After that I show that the system is connected to the panel on the right which shows the state of the level.  I show that you can edit objects in the property grid and see the changes live in the world.  Lastly I show that you can save and reload the level… but its buggy at the moment as it doesn’t clear out the previous world correctly yet, so you end up with multiple worlds loaded at the same time Smilie: :)


Category(s): Games, Spectre Level Editor

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