Model Loading Spectres

After some amount of work, I finally have model loading working.. ish.  I’m using the 2013.3 version of the FBX model loader with a nice little wrapper I wrote to get the interesting data from C#.  Sadly the model only seems to texture correctly on one side… Not sure what is going on yet… but I’ll figure it out soon I’m sure!

On a side note I also have changed the Object Editor to detect its template types from the Types folder in the project.  This allows you to customize what classes an object should use, its really more of a convenience since you could just as easily pick the classes manually when creating the data type. The model type is configurable of course, so I’m using FBX, but it will be able to load XNB’s through the content engine, as well as primitive types and really any other type that can internally load its own models in any way that it likes. As long as the type implements the IDisplay interface i’ll be able to ask it to draw.

Lots of work to go, but its certainly moving along Smilie: :)


Category(s): Games, Spectre Level Editor

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