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So the side track took longer than expected, and in the end, we didn’t particularly like the result.  As such, I started a new engine that is based on the previous engine.  The new engine adds a nice new state machine, and cleans up all the things that weren’t perfect with the old one.  Also, I’ve switched it all over to MonoGame since we want to be able to make these games run on Steam, iPhone, iPad, and Droids.  So far MonoGame has done everything I’ve hoped for, though I am a little disappointed in difficulty in building custom shaders.  Though that might just be my inexperience with their content processors.  But there is a fantastic and active community on their forums.

So while I was at it, I’ve also switched over from WinForms to WPF.  Coding up the editor has been a lot easier now.  I don’t yet have everything back in that I had with the old editor, but its coming along nicely. And since MonoGame is open source, I was able to modify the source code to support rendering DX directly to a Control, rather than popping up its own form.  Previously with XNA you had to do some trickery to get it to render to a control, but that trickery doesn’t seem to work with MonoGame.  Anyway, after the editor is done, Contour will be back on the board.  Still my favorite project we’ve worked on =)



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